Enhance Your Home or Office With Our Plant Selections

San Diego Tropicals offers a range of services to keep your interior plants looking beautiful and healthy. We specialize in indoor plant design, installation, and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties.

Image Of The Beautiful Aspidistra Plant

Devoted to Achieving Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Our indoor plant experts understand the requirements of the plants, which are sourced from local greenhouses. You can be confident that we carry out our services professionally.

  • Weekly and Biweekly Plant Maintenance

  • Trimming and Cleaning

  • Disease and Insect Control

  • Delivery and Setup

  • We Offer Plant Replacement Guarantee

Focused on Making Your Space Aesthetically Pleasing

At San Diego Tropicals, we offer designer pottery and containers that complement the style of the plants. Our ceramic, fiberglass, basket, and plastic pots come in a variety of colors. We are committed to providing you with the perfect home or office decor element.

Image Of The Janet Craig Compacta Plant
Image Of The Massangeana Cane Plant

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We believe that indoor gardening can help in relieving stress and improving productivity. Our team will work closely with you to meet your preferences and needs. Get started by scheduling a free design consultation.